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Jaime Berry was born and raised in rural Oklahoma and lived down the road from her grandmother and her aunt and cousins, who all farmed and fished and canned and gardened. She grew up with two sisters, many dogs and cats, a few roosters, a cantankerous horse, and a pig named Duke. Though she moved to New York City after college, most of her stories take place in small towns and are about kids learning to be bold and brave and find their place in the world.

Books had always been an every day part of her life and as a NYC public school teacher they became and every day part of her job. But after years with two small boys in a too-small Brooklyn apartment, Jaime and her husband moved to the wilds of suburban New Jersey and added another boy and a dog to the mix. There, they live in a Victorian house that, despite slowly falling apart, they all love. And where telling, reading, and writing stories takes up most of her day.

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