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School Visits 


As a former teacher, I love school visits and think they're one of the best parts of being an author! I'm available for in-person visits if you're in the New Jersey area or virtual visits. All workshops and presentations can be adapted for grades 3 and up and modified to fit your needs. 


* Character: Crafting Unforgettable Characters--30 minute presentation on characters and how they work their way into our hearts. Includes a 15 minute Q&A.

* Topic Generation: Where Do Writers Get Ideas--in this workshop, I'll share my brainstorming techniques. Each student will leave with tools they can use for any narrative writing unit.

* The Journey to Publication: From Idea to Book--30 minute presentation on my winding path to becoming an author with a focus on my first book, Hope Springs--from inspiration to publication. Includes a 15 minute Q&A.

* First Lines: Engage a Reader Right from the Start--in this workshop, we'll study beginnings and discuss why they flop or fly.  Each student will come ready to write or revise a lead and come away with a fresh first line and techniques they can use to shine up any sentence anytime.


All visits run about 45 minutes and rates are negotiable. I'm available for a FREE informal Q&A lasting about 20 minutes for any class reading one of my books!  Reach out via the contact form for more information.

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