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Short Version:

Jaime Berry is a native of rural Oklahoma and a former New York City public school teacher. After years with two small boys in a too-small Brooklyn apartment, Jaime and her family now live in New Jersery. She is the author of Hope Springs and Heart Finds. 

Long Version:

Jaime Berry was born and raised in rural Oklahoma and is a former New York City school teacher. Most of her stories take place in small towns and are about kids learning to be bold and brave and find their place in the world. Though no longer in the country, she spends plenty of time outside in New Jersey where she lives with her husband, three boys, and one rowdy dog. You can visit her at or on Twitter @jaime_berry3.

Images for Public Use: 

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Book cover designs: Karina Granda

Cover Illustrations: Oriol Vidal

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Photo credit: Lee Seidenberg Photography 

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