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  • berryjaime

Climbing Mountains

I’ve sort of been thinking of the journey to publication like hiking up a mountain. There are all these obstacles, but for the most part, it’s enjoyable. The view gets better. The peak gets closer. 

My new WIP is almost done. By done I mean I have a version I'm not too embarrassed to show to my agent. This means it's time to start something new. Which is exciting and also a little scary. 

Even though I've finished more than a few novels, I always worry I won't be able to do it again. Or worse, that it won't be any good. I've often thought the best way to shut that self-doubt down or at least get it to quiet down, is to just do it, just sit down and write every day. Writing is the closest thing to magic I know and I'm lucky that I get to do it. That's what I need to remind myself. Just keep hiking.


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