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My two-year-old ripped the wrapping off his first present, clutched it to his chest, and yelled, "A box. Me love it!"  Then we got him to open it. Inside was a single Thomas train, a small toy. And with many presents still stacked and wrapped beside him, he took the train and started upstairs to his room. His brother called, "Hey, we just started opening presents. Where are you going?" "To play with me train," he answered. We went and got him later, still happily playing with his one new train. 

So, I was thinking about how content my youngest kid was with that box. It wasn't even a big box. This was really the first Christmas that he's been into it. He loved the tree. He was excited about the presents. But he didn't really know what to expect. The box was just as surprising and great to him as the train.

I've never been big on setting New Year's resolutions. But I think this year, 2019, I'm going to try to alter my expectations. I'm going to try to just embrace things with the same enthusiasm my little guy hugged that box. Happy New Year!


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